A world transformed, a Philippines renewed by the people educated in the principles of Communio and Service

as taught and lived by our Lord Jesus Christ and shaped by the missionary mandate of

the Catholic Church


  • Results-driven, adequate, relevant, reliable, and timely data from CEAP member schools gathered
  • Assistance that enables CEAP Member schools to meet the standards of quality education provided
  • Assistance that enables CEAP Mission Schools to sustain themselves provided
  • Solidarity among CEAP regions achieved
  • Extent of access, quality, and equity among our CEAP member schools measured and expanded
  • New ways of evangelization and faith formation through the Philippine Catholic Schools Standards and school-based Christian formation programs implemented
  • Efforts towards curriculum and materials development, teacher-training, sharing strategies, and discussion on other critical areas of concern in light of the K to 12, the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and other developments in education continued
  • Impact of CEAP member-schools as agents of transformation determined
  • Collaborations between various stakeholders to address identified issues initiated and actualized