• Operational complementarity between the regions and EXECOM/secretariat has been achieved.
  • CEAP Internal and external communications strengthened.
  • Solidarity among the CEAP regions is achieved.
  • Small mission schools in CEAP have been assisted.
  • More CEAP member-schools cater to marginalized students (e.g. culturally, intellectually, spiritually, financially impoverished).
  • CEAP member-schools effectively deliver inclusive education.
  • PCSS adopted in all CEAP schools.
  • Transformative education operationalized through JEEPGY directions and models in each educational level (i.e. basic, higher, graduate, post-graduate).
  • Promoted educational responses to contemporary challenges to Christian Faith and culture (i.e. family life, children of OFW, migration, refugee, millennial generation, social media, prejudice and discrimination, culture of violence, etc.).
  • Determine the impact of CEAP member-schools as agents of transformation.


A world transformed, a Philippines renewed by the people educated in the principles of Communio and Service

as taught and lived by our Lord Jesus Christ and shaped by the missionary mandate of

the Catholic Church