CEAP x PEAC Human Rights Education (HRE) Training and Workshop

May 15, 2024

The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), in partnership with the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC), conducted the continuation of the Human Rights Education (HRE) Training and Workshop last May 7-8, 2024, at the CEAP National Office.
With selected Araling Panlipunan teachers from the following schools; Claret School of Quezon City, Siena College, St. James Academy, St. Paul University Quezon City, and Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, this training aims to enhance the promotion of human rights education by discussing the content of the Karapatang Pantao 101 module and exploring strategies for integrating KP 101 modules in their lessons. This intervention motivates teachers to teach human rights by incorporating Human Rights Education materials.
On the first day, Mr. Jose Allan I. Arellano welcomed the participants by highlighting how education equates to justice. By sharing his previous teaching experience, he shared the role of educators in sharing knowledge of human rights. Furthermore, he added that human rights education is needed to promote human dignity and should be used as universal standards when conflicts arise. Through awareness of human rights, we also know the value of human life, freedom, and rights. Finally, he ended his speech by urging his fellow educators to advocate for human rights by integrating them through their teaching.
Ms. Charina A. Claustro introduced the Human Rights Education Training to the participants. She briefly explained the concepts and objectives of the sessions and workshops.
The first session, led by Ms. Genalyn Aquino-Arcayera, covered the history and perspectives of human rights, with participants engaging in discussions and reflections on human rights definitions and current issues.
The second session, facilitated by Ms. Natividad Gruet, focused on contextualizing human rights in the Philippines across various sectors.
On the second day, Ms. Aquino-Arcayera and Ms. Gruet facilitated workshops to equip participants with pedagogical approaches for integrating the Karapatang Pantao 101 module into their teaching. Each teacher presented strategies tailored to different grade levels, emphasizing creative methods to teach human rights. Divided into four groups, the teachers focused on the grade level they were teaching and presented their strategies.
The first group, from Siena College, focused on integrating the KP 101 module by making a research paper about a case and letting the students realize the human rights being violated in the chosen case and resolutions to achieve justice.
The second group, from St. James Academy, focused on the historical context of human rights in the Philippines through a “museum tour” and gave the students the creativity to determine how Philippine history contributed to the formation of human rights.
The third group, from Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, integrated human rights into the aspect of economics and other subjects. Highlighting the multidimensionality of human rights, the main objective of the group’s activity is for the students to choose a sector, and assess the student’s knowledge through environmental charts and APB (Ano, Paano, Bakit) Analysis.
The last group, from St. Paul University, Quezon City, focused on giving a short history of human rights and gave guide questions for discussion in class. The activity is to let the students choose a certain issue and have an output assessing the possible human rights violations and possible courses of action to address and preserve human rights.
In a nutshell, the presentations are all flexible depending on the school timeline of their respective schools and can be changed according to their teaching style. The two-day training was a fruitful and successful discussion of integrating Human Rights Education through the Karapatang Pantao 101 module. Indeed, the participants gained insights and motivation to include the promotion of human rights in different and creative strategies.
The training successfully discussed areas for enhancement and crafted exercises for the Karapatang Pantao 101 module. These exercises will enrich the upcoming second edition of the module. Heartfelt thanks to all the dedicated teachers who contributed their time and expertise.
Stay tuned for the release of the new edition of Karapatang Pantao 101!