FAMI Releases Php 15 Million in Dividends to Partner Institution CEAP

January 24, 2024

Top, from left to right: Belle Pajarillo, Relationship Manager; Edwin Valeroso, SMTU Head; Allan Arellano, CEAP Executive Director

Bottom, from left to right: Karen Liza M. Roa, FAMI President; Fr. Albert Delvo, CEAP President  


First Metro Asset Management, Inc. (FAMI) released Php 15 Million worth of dividends to Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) last December 22, 2024. The dividend was released to CEAP as profits for its investment in FAMI, as a result of its 2005 partnership together with Marist Brother’s Congregation.

CEAP Philippines is the country’s largest private educational association with almost 1,500 member schools while FAMI is an investment manager and distributor of First Metro Save & Learn Mutual Funds.  These institutions’ original purpose was to enhance the investment literacy and provide reputable investment products to education and religious sectors.

Today, FAMI is recognized as one of the leading asset management companies that offers a wide range of top performing mutual fund products in the country.