CEAP - National Basic Education Commission (NBEC) 2021 Training Series Module 5

July 13, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected everyone’s lives. It affected the health sector, economic sector, and education sector. With thousands of new confirmed cases daily, face-to-face classes are being discouraged to control the transmission rate of the virus, which forces teachers and students to adapt to Distance Learning.


The start of the 2020-2021 academic year comes as expected. Educators and students experienced issues and problems in coping up with the new style of learning. The majority of these issues are caused by the lack of experience in using technology and certainly the unconventional way of learning and teaching. Thus, CEAP National Basic Education Commission has decided to support the backbone of education by organizing a monthly training from February to July 2020 that aims to equip the country’s educators with new knowledge and skills that will help them perform their duties and responsibilities in the field of education.  


Attended by more than 500 participants, the fifth module of this training series was held last June 17, 2021. The topic : “Application of Holistic and Interdisciplinary Assessment Matrix • Use of Academic Performance Dashboard” was tackled in this session. The goal of the session is for our educators to be able to apply holistic and interdisciplinary assessment matrices and to use academic performance dashboards in enhancing the quality of teaching and education in their respective academic institutions.  


Mr. Francis George V. Callilan, Mr. Christian Francis C. Prado and Mr. Maynard John Cornejo once again provided an excellent discussion that would improve different skills in teaching and learning. Furthermore, two new speakers and resource persons were introduced to the participants, they are Mr. Dah Vinluan Jr. and Ms. Shiella Habab. This dedicated team provided countless learning opportunities to the participants. They were also given a chance to create and conceptualize their own matrices and dashboards through the playshops and assignments that were given to them.


The fifth module will be on June 17th, 2021 and it will cover the topics “How to Foster Collaboration among Teachers in Holistic and Interdisciplinary Assessment Using Academic Performance Dashboard to Manage Learning Outcomes” it seeks to develop “Application of Holistic and Interdisciplinary Assessment Matrix Use of Academic Performance Dashboard”.


The concluding session of the training series will be on July 8 and 9. It will be two full days of learning and teaching that will discuss the topic: “Designing, Implementing and Monitoring a Comprehensive and Flexible Authentic Learning and High-Integrity Assessment Plan”.