CEAP - National Basic Education Commission (NBEC) 2021 Training Series Module 4

June 09, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected all our lives. One aspect that is severely disrupted is education. During these times where face to face classes are being discouraged, students, teachers and educators are forced to use an unconventional way of learning and teaching which is called: Distance Learning. While some of us are computer and technology literate, many are still working on their skills, resulting in questions on authenticity of learning.


The CEAP National Basic Education Commission has decided to organize a monthly training to equip instructional leaders, academic coordinators and classroom teachers’ new knowledge and skills that will help them perform their duties and responsibilities as the backbone of education.


The fourth installment of the CEAP-NBEC Training Series was held last May 29th, 2021. This session tackled the topic: Diagnostic, Formative and Summative Assessment Hacks that Promote Authentic Learning Analysis, Interpretation and Utilization of Assessment Data. It aims educators for a better analysis and interpretation of diagnostic test results, formative assessment hacks, sample questions at each cognitive level and teaching-learning strategies formulated from assessment data.


The National Basic Education Commission team composed of: Mr. Francis George V. Callilan, Mr. Christian Francis C. Prado and Mr. Maynard John Cornejo provided a wonderful, knowledge-filled discussions for the first half of each session. Lead speaker and moderator Dr. Dennis Prince Y. Germano assisted and monitored the whole training session and also took over of the second half of the webinar.


As the CEAP-NBEC training session is about to end. Participants grew more passionate and willing to learn to develop efficient teaching and learning strategies from the respected speakers.


The fifth module will be on June 17th, 2021 and it will cover the topics “How to Foster Collaboration among Teachers in Holistic and Interdisciplinary Assessment Using Academic Performance Dashboard to Manage Learning Outcomes” it seeks to develop “Application of Holistic and Interdisciplinary Assessment Matrix Use of Academic Performance Dashboard”.