Planet OIEC as a Global Lighthouse inside the Catholic Education

May 12, 2021

Be the change! Together, let us say, I can! Let yourself be the catalyst of change when the world is plagued with too many challenges and issues. You can be part of the force that can make it better because the world needs all the help it can get, let us do it together!



Being a part of the same world, children too, in their own way, can get involved in making a more sustainable and a more friendly planet for all living beings.



We invite our educators in Basic Education to partake in Planet OIEC, a project of the OIEC (French for the International Office for Catholic Education), for learners aged eleven to seventeen (11 to 17) years old. The CEAP sees the interaction to be provided by this opportunity will not only help enrich our children academically but also culturally. Building and then strengthening a sense of bond and friendship with peers from other countries are just some of the things our learners can look forward to. They will be working on tasks which will engage them in creative endeavors, they will be encouraged to understand the feelings involved in solving contemporary problems, from their small community in the school, they will eventually engage with a bigger part of their world, establishing connections and making these connections their share in making this a better place.



Our educators too can have this chance to get involved and meet Educational Leaders in our neighboring countries. Both educators and learners can broaden their horizons and figure out ways of changing the world as they become part of remedying it. Community, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking together, these words can make us one of the global scale as we lead Asia to follow this path for Catholic schools.