CEAP-NBEC Training Series Module 3: Designing an Authentic Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Experience

May 12, 2021

The CEAP National Basic Education Commission (NBEC) has decided to organize a monthly training to equip instructional leaders, academic coordinators, and classroom teachers that will help them perform their duties and responsibilities as the backbone of education especially during these times where face to face classes are being discouraged.



The students, teachers and educators are forced to use an unconventional way of learning and teaching which is called Distance Learning.



The training series started last January 2021 and is currently ongoing. In its third installment which was held last 17th of April, the CEAP-NBEC Training Series covered the topics: “Designing an Authentic Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Experience and Enabling a Culture of Independent Learning and Self- Assessment among Leaders with Different Needs. Lead speaker and moderator Mr. Francis Jim B. Tuscano together with other facilitators: Mr. Francis George V. Callilan, Mr. Chiristian Francis C. Prado, and Mr. Maynard John Cornejo assisted hundreds of educators from different Catholic schools all over the country to be able to acquire tools and techniques in enabling authentic and independent learning and self-assessment. The participants passionately listed and participated as the moderators discussed key points and factors on how to achieve Authentic methods of teaching and learning, making this module of this training series a success.



“Diagnostic, Formative and Summative Assessment Hacks that Promote Authentic Learning Analysis, Interpretation and Utilization of Assessment Data” will be the topic to be discussed in the fourth module that will take place on the 29th of May.