April 11, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected all our lives. One aspect that is severely disrupted is education. During these times where face to face classes are being discouraged, students and teachers are forced to utilize what used to be an unconventional modality in teaching, i.e., Distance Learning. While some of us are computer and technology literate, many are still new to this aspect, resulting to doubts in the effectivity of learning. 


The CEAP National Basic Education Commission has decided to organize a monthly training to equip instructional leaders, academic coordinators and classroom teachers’ new knowledge and skills that will help them perform their duties and responsibilities as the backbone of education. 


The CEAP-NBEC Training Series had successfully held its first module last February 20 that talked about key-success factors in teaching and learning in the new normal. It was such a success that over 1,300 classroom teachers, subject area coordinators and school administrators joined both morning and afternoon sessions of the second module held last 13th of March 2021. Eager to learn and understand “Effective Strategies for Engaging Parents and Caregivers in the Learning Process” educators from all over the country curiously and actively listened to discussions conducted by the head instructor: Dr. Dennis Prince Y. Germano together with Mr. Francis George V. Callilan and Mr. Christian Francis C. Prado. The second training session ended up as a success once again making everyone excited for the third module that is scheduled April 17, 2021 that will talk about “Tools and techniques in enabling authentic and independent learning and self-assessment”.