Solidarity Fund for Yolanda-Affected CEAP Schools


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I am sure that all us have been doing what we can to help our fellow Filipinos bereft of loved ones and treasure due to Typhoon Yolanda. The massive outpouring of support, both local and international, deeply inspires all of us to greater generosity - so that together we can recover and move on as a nation.

Reports from our Catholic School Superintendents and School Heads inthe affected regions show that the rehabilitation of our schools and their communities will not be easy. This involves appropriate efforts to respond to the human needs of our personnel and to restore our damaged facilities and infrastructure.  

CEAP, we believe, both as a national association and as a network of schools and school systems, should support these efforts. Thus, the CEAP National Board has decided to set up a Solidarity Fund for the Catholic School Communities in the Central Philippines affected by Typhoon Yolanda ("Solidarity Fund Yolanda"). CEAP has earmarked one-million pesos for this Solidarity Fund Yolanda as seed money.  We invite you personally or through your institution to contribute to this fund and make it grow. Let us help our people.  Let us rebuild our schools.  

If you agree, please deposit your cash donations to the CEAP Account (EWB 13-02-01418-1) or send your check donations to the CEAP National Office. Please fax your deposit slip at telefax  (02) 426-2670 or email a scanned copy of the deposit slip to [email protected]. All your donations will be properly acknowledged. In case you have concerns and inquiries, please contact Ms. Doris Fernandez-Ferrer, CEAP Executive Director. 

The allocation of financial support from this Solidarity Fund Yolanda shall be decided by the Finance Committee of CEAP upon the recommendation of the Regional Trustees and the Catholic School Superintendents in the said regions. The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer, with the President, Executive Director and Controller as ex-oficio members. 

In this context, for your information, CEAP is waiving the annual membership dues for SY 2013-14 for all member-schools in the affected regions. Payments that have been received from these schools to date will be credited for SY 2014-15.

We continue to be tried and tested.  Many of us are hurting.  But we will rise again. We will rise together. We know: the Lord is with us.


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